Hanja Direction, Location

Hanja for up, middle, down, front, back, left, right, east, west, south, northdirection


Up 위  상, middle 가운데  중, down 아래  하,  front 앞  전, back 뒤  후,  left 인  좌, right 오른  우, East 동쪽  동, West 서쪽 서, South 남쪽 남,  North 북쪽  북

Up 上, middle 中, and down 下 are easy to remember because they look like up, middle, and down.  These types of Chinese characters are called symbolics.  中 is 중 and China is 중국.  China is that big country in the middle.

전 is front.  morning/am is 오전.  후 is back.  afternoon/pm is 오후.  前 and 後 are probably ideographs.  Ideographs are composed of two or more existing characters.  If not, then they are phonetic-semantic compounds.  The last of the 4 types of Hanja are pictographs which is a depiction of a physical object like tree 木.

Pictographs and ideographs are simplier to learn than the others which have many more strokes.  Knowledge of the Chinese radicals would help to be able to see the Hanja as composed of different parts.

Hanja for numbers 1 – 10, 100, 1000, 10000


Hanja for Days of Week, Year, Timedays of week

I dabble in picking up a few Hanja here and there.  Glossika and the 1000 Most Common Korean Words flashcards as well as Naver dictionary all show Hanja.  I bought the book “Useful Chinese Characters for Learners of Korean” and refer to the Hanja appendix in “Tuttle’s Learner’s Korean-English Dictionary”.

The Korean Wiki Project lists the Hanja by levels.  50 Hanja for the total beginner seems a good place to start. 🙂

If you are interested in learning more, check out other posts I wrote Chinese pictographs app, Fangirl’s 10 Hanja videos, Chinese Numbers, Days of WeekFluentKorean’s Hanja lessons which also has a list of the 214 Chinese radicals.

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