KTalk #1: Do you have time?

시간 있으세요?

Do you have time?

“There’s nothing to see here folks, move it along,” says the police officer to the rubberneckers at the scene of an accident.  So too, I warn my readers that what follows probably has nothing useful for you, just some self-reflection about how I’m not where I want to be in learning to make small talk.

Goal Forgetting

I set this goal to make small talk back September 11.  I even told myself I would write down one small talk item a day.  Which I promptly forgot about.  I also set a goal of two 15 minute serious study session in the morning before any play.  Which I struggled with, only achieving 15 minutes a day, and within a week, that too became something that slipped my mind.

Pah!  I am angry at myself.  OK, I failed to do what I promised myself to do, what sounds so logical when Anthony Lauder says it.  Pick myself up, dust myself off, try again.

Habit Forming

I have established a habit of writing one happy thing a day for #100HappyDays.  OK, some times a day late, some times a day early, but I have written 93 days worth now.  So I am taking a joyful habit and adding my talking goal to it.  Once a day, write something I could use in conversation and work on practicing and using it until it is automatic.

Make it Public

Have the conversation with each Korean explaining what I am trying to do and asking for assistance.  Listen to their suggestions.  Ask them to nudge me if I slip back into comfortable English instead of trying to challenge myself to express things in Korean.

Make time

Benny Lewis talks about mini-missions where you identify what you need to work on the most that week and tackle that with full focus.

I choose what is easy & fun.  By taking on tutoring and the KDA Level 2 class, I am suddenly in a panic about not having enough time to complete my work.  My mission is to find the time.  I will have to face a difficult choice.


google-map_greylockMt GreylockThe Thunderbolt trail to Mt. Greylock is 2 miles to the summit, but even for seasoned hikers, it is tough.

Benny’s approach is the fast and difficult way.  Benny would choose to climb the steep 2 mile Thunderbolt rather than a slow, long trail.


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