Ways to learn at Mindpasta

When I was invited to Mindpasta, I immediately knew I had found what I needed.  Let me give a few examples of how this international community of language learners helps me.

1.  Introductions & Good nights.   New people are always joining, so I get lots of practice introducing myself.

2.  Hangul.  Typing in small text messages was a painless way to learn.

3.  Videos.  People share videos on many different topics.  It might be an interview with a KDrama actor, a KPop song, a how-to language tip, or even a cover song where MP members practice using Korean.

4.  Comments.  To a newbie learning Korean, the short comments people make on the games are easy to digest.  I might fear a full conversation, but I can start interacting with native Koreans by reading what they wrote and responding.

5.  Corrections.  Native Koreans and people learning Korean are on Mindpasta.  Ryan has gently corrected me by catching my spelling errors or making suggestions on how to phrase something more naturally.

6.  Questions.  When something about Korean language or culture baffles me, I have people to ask.

7.  Lessons.  Ryan’s extensive grammar and pronunciation notes are a great resource too.

8.  Pictures.  I share flashcards I make.  Others share photos of family or places they visit.  Pictures make a great starting point for conversations.

9.  Encouragement.  Every language learner needs some cheering on.  Fighting! When studying is difficult, you have people who understand what you are going through.

10.  Variety.  Because it is filled with  people, each person brings their own content.  It keeps Mindpasta fresh, ever changing.  Vocabulary review happens naturally.  For example, I learned the word for sleepy, then two days later another MP member used that word, reinforcing it for me.  Words we need get learned as you look up things you want to express to your friends on Mindpasta.

I invite you to drop in any time, there are folks posting on Mindpasta 24 hours a day.


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