Save up words of encouragement for those days in your studies when Korean seems tough!

“많이 말하기 연습하세요” Practice your speaking a lot.  – 연주 (Gift) Mindpasta

Yesterday, an Asian man held the door for me, and without thinking I responded “Thank you 감사합니다” which made the stranger laugh. My guess is he was Chinese, but still understood me enough to amuse him. Amused me too. Where did that bubble up from inside of me? Maybe my first time responding in Korean automatically.

“That’s a VERY good sign!!”  Rob Julien, Korean Digital Academy

“You look loving Hangul a lot. I think Most Korean Like.me should learn from you working hard learning Korean. Cheer n Keep it up.” Colin Choi, Korean mentor/friend

Looks good to me!” Peter Floyd, ROKStar

“You have a lot going on.  Do take care of your health.” Cimi

“천만에요. 언젠가는 쥴리아 마을에 가고 싶어요.”  심봉섭

“Intellectual curiosity is interesting.” 김도환

“엽서 고마워요.  Thanks Julila’s air mail.”  Chulmoonhughurts

“We wish you a good progress on Korean learning.” Michelle, Glossika


” Do you like webtoon? check out please.
http://comic.naver.com/index.nhn” – Mika_할리메

“I am happy to have you as a student.  Because turtle type has strong base to aim for higher level.”  Woojae Jun, italki tutor

“네, 줄리아씨,  I’ll see you next week. 공부 열심히 하세요; Study hard ” 소현

“I hope you’re excited to start; I know myself and your Korean teacher are!
But if you have any questions about anything all, please email and ask and we will help clear it up for you.
Thanks, and happy learning!!


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