Psychologically relevant

After reading the article Today is a Holiday in Honor of the World’s Greatest Alphabet, the author tweeted this:psycologically

It struck me. I hadn’t thought about some language features are simply “psychologically irrelevant”.  The difference between an ‘r’ and ‘l’ just do not matter to a Korean, until they have to speak English.

Similarly, when I first started learning Korean, it was too much to absorb, so I simply paid no attention to some things.  Spelling and pronunciation were irrelevant.

Language can shape our mind: the words we choose, the range of sounds we make, the things we notice.  Psychology is the science of the mind, and the languages we know influence our mental processes.

Hangul is now psychologically relevant in my life.

While I despise romanization, I did find interesting a Hangul Generator.  It’s table showing the Hangul letters and IPA symbols  is helpful.


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