Chatting with a Korean – Language Exchange partner on Hangouts

Here is another example of my conversations with Korean.

This one was with my language exchange partner on Hangouts.

My language exchange partner (LEP) is working on improving his English.  The entire conversation took place in English by phone using Google+ Hangouts.

We have been working through the book “The Job”.  He had prepared by practicing Chapter 3.  He called and asked if I had time for him to read to me.  It was 11 pm.  I suddenly felt like I was getting a bedtime story.  Haha.

We read through the book.  First he would read a sentence.  Then I would read the sentence.  He would repeat the sentence.  I would correct any pronunciation errors.  These are few since we have been doing this weekly for many months now.  We discussed the vocabulary.  It is a difficult book, not intended for non-native English speakers, filled with idioms and implications.  Half an hour speeds by.

Google+ Hangouts is hit or miss for good quality phone conversations (free).  LEP will contact me while he is commuting or exercising to make efficient use of his time. Often I will transcribe what he is saying, then correct his sentences and email him.   LEP always decides on the material he wants to cover and brings a variety of things to be discussed in our sessions.  LEP is the experienced language learner, and I was a total novice when we met in March, so I follow his lead.


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