Living Language e-tutoring

I considered e-tutoring at Living Language, but decided against it due to the cost.  I recommend the book set with CD’s .

I purchased the Living Language Korean.  It is three books: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced with 9 audio CD’s and a Hangul writing workbook.  I listen to the 3 beginner CD’s frequently.  I use the Hangul writing practice.  I have read some of the book.  The CD’s can be imported to ITunes.

What I haven’t made use of yet in the Living Language system is the online Language Lab and the e-tutoring.  (more about Living Language)  If I can get myself to give up some of my socializing, I would benefit from using their online tools to reinforce what I hear on the audio.

Here introduces the e-tutoring:

I considered their e-tutoring.  What appeals is that they will follow the book/audio syllabus.  To sign up for their e-tutoring, you must purchase the online course.  E-tutoring classes are 1 to 3 students.  Tutoring sessions are 30 minutes.

The e-tutoring uses Citrix GoToMeeting.  From their website:

Complete the required coursework prior to participating in the session.

Do not attempt to use e-Tutoring in place of private or semi-private tutoring. Each session follows an outline based on material in the Living Language course.  e-Tutoring may not be used as open-ended conversational practice

To try out just one e-tutoring session would be expensive.  $40 for 1 month course access + $25 for 1 credit = $65 for a 30 minute tutor session!  6 months with 10 credits = $250.  (that is 5 hours.  Compare to 12 hours plus all the KDA videos & materials for $225.  5 hours of one-on-one private tutoring at italki is $80.)  At least for now, I am setting aside the idea of trying the e-tutoring as being too expensive.

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