Movie Star, not learning

Why not make a quick video of yourself speaking your second language?  Be the star of your own movie!  It doesn’t have to be long, it doesn’t have to be fancy, but just the process of making a video focuses your efforts at language learning.

1.  Pay more attention to what you hear and read, as it might be useful in your video.

2.  Write a little script.  Get in writing practice without even noticing.

3.  Talk to others about what you wrote.  Grammar topics come up as you figure out how to say things.

4.  Practice speaking, until you are comfortable.

5.  Make the video.

6.  Review your pronunciations.  See where you make mistakes.  Don’t worry about trying to be perfect.

7.  Upload your video.  Inspire others and watch their videos.

8.  Get feedback.  A lot of the comments will be positive encouragement.

The whole project turned out to be a lot of fun.  I was incredibly nervous the first time.  Now I am starting to get the hang of making videos, although I am very primitive.  No fancy transitions, multiple camera angles, subtitles, etc.  I just simple talk for 1 minute.  As a new learner, that is a lot!

I get to share things about the Berkshires with my friends in other parts of the world. Because I haven’t worked up enough courage to go in front of the camera yet, I film a little stuffed owl in different locations.  Same concept as the Travelocity Gnome.  🙂

For myself, the video process is time consuming, so I don’t want to get into doing it all the time, but I think doing it once a week will help me to get better at speaking.

Friday, I planned on making a video at the Table Six restaurant, Kemble Inn, Lennox, Massachusetts.  I was as nervous as a first date!  I made a reservation.  I worked on a short script.  I worked on translating the menu.  I got dressed up.  I got my hair done.  I took out my Grandmother’s earrings that I only wear on special occasions.  I remembered to charge my phone (haha).  I arrived at the inn, ready for my big 1 minute video to let my Korean friends share in the experience.  I stood in the door of the dining room, started the video, said hello, and then …  nothing.  HAHAHA!  All my preparation for naught because I simply went blank.  I will share this video on Youtube, because I find it so darn funny.  It is what happens to me when I try to speak Korean.  I go completely blank!

So if you see my videos, and I am cheating by holding a script, don’t judge me too harshly.  It is like having index cards when I gave my first public speech.  I need the crutch to deal with my nervousness at first.  With practice I will get better.  🙂

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