Be more efficient

I am going to need to re-adopt efficiency techniques I used at work for my home life.

1.  Deal with a piece of paper or email the first time I see it.

2.  File things away.

3.  Keep track of how time is spent.

4.  Set a timer so you don’t spin off on side projects.  Work in fast 15 minute “bursts”.

5.  Every morning, make a list of things that need doing, so I don’t forget.

6.  Put appointments on a calendar and set alarms to remind.

7.  Get an egg timer for those “it will only take 2 minutes” tasks.  Oh really?  OK, you only get 2 minutes.  Go! 빠르다

8.  Write a weekly status report.  Measure your progress.  Use the green/yellow/red indicators for if you are on target

9.  Make a quick estimate of how long tasks will take to complete.  Break long term goals into short tasks.

10.  Don’t tackle projects that take longer than a day to complete.

11.  Remove from sight things you are not suppose to be working on.  Simplify your work area, smart phone apps, and website bookmarks.  Unsubscribe from emails that are unrelated to the current focus.

I am struggling with getting myself to stick to the “pick one” list.  I already was sucked in to reading an article, which led to a kickstarter campaign, that led to a course about willpower.  It was interesting reading, but a total side track.  I recognize I did it, correct myself, try again.  Forming new habits to stick to a limited list is going to be tough.  My inner child brat resists.

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