Project Management of Learning

As a self-learner, you are also the project manager.

Project managers are faced with making choices.  There might be a lot of good ideas, but there are only so many hours in the day.  When you running a meeting with many departments who all have different priorities, you need a way to bring them to consensus to agree on what projects will be worked on.

Here are some techniques for making those choices.

1.  Make a quadrant chart and put each idea in the chart.


2.  Set up a calendar with time allotted for studying.  If any idea comes that will take longer than 5 minutes to handle, open the calendar and schedule it for a future time slot.


3.  Brain storm what projects could be worked on.  With a short list (say 7 items), go down the list comparing two of the items at a time.  Between project A and project B, which is more important.  Count the votes.  By the time you have compared all, count up the votes. This is your priority list.

4.  Create a checklist and track what time you spend on what type of activity.  Simply tick off every time you do something, to see where you spend your time.


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