Stress Relief?

I acknowledge that I bounce around in my studies because it is a form of stress relief.

Frustrated with the hard work of figuring out how to form Korean sentences?

  • pop over and see if you got some email
  • check for Facebook posts
  • read a website article (or two or three …)
  • see what’s new in the news
  • text a friend
  • comment on a discussion forum
  • see the headlines on a Korean fan site
  • play Spider Solitaire
  • grab a snack
  • spend 20 minutes making one flashcard
  • draw a cartoon
  • write a blog post
  • listen to KPop or “Catch the Wave”
  • see Hyunwoo Sun do a handstand trick
  • laugh at funny animal videos
  • watch a Hulu video (The Blacklist and Sleepy Hallow are back!)
  • obsess over whatever you are researching/following
  • run errands, pay bills, houseclean, or whatever real life demands
  • dash to the convenience store for milk

Why am I so stressed out?

Do all these distractions actually help relieve stress, or does it only delay the problem and compound it?

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