Tug of War – Pick One tool to study with


The idea of picking one and sticking to it, is not a new idea. However, it is never an idea I have successfully implemented on my language learning journey.  My inner child (brat) fights back, and usually wins.

Why should I be disciplined when I am learning Korean for fun?

I have been wrestling with myself to just pick one of each type of activity.  Just to do for a little while.  Just to see how it changes my learning experience.  The battle is intense!  I don’t even want to write down a list.  I am already bargaining with myself to squeeze in more.

I’m afraid if I let go of anything, that it won’t be there later when I want to go back.  I am afraid of opportunities lost and relationships broken.  I am terrified I will forget.

Here goes.  My attempt to PICK ONE.

Class:  Korean Digital Academy

Tutor:  Jun Woojae, italki tutor

Flashcards:  Memrise  (I’m doing deals with myself about how many decks I can work.) and Excel spreadsheet

Audio program:  Living Languages CD’s 1 – 3

Korean Drama:  Secret Garden

Foreign Text Reader:  LingQ  (only the lessons for KDA, tutor, Secret Garden)

Dictionary:  zKorean, Naver, Oxford Picture Dictionary, Tuttle’s Learner’s Dictionary, Dongsa, IPA Chart

Reference textbook:  Mastering Conversational Korean: Korean for Beginners

Textbook:  KDA videos, workbook & slides,  TTMIK Grammar

Flashcard deck – physical:  … I can’t pick!

Conversation Partners:  Only those I actually speak Korean with, and my Korean friends. My friendships are too important to me to neglect.

Discussion Forums/Pen pals:  None, for now.  Cold turkey.

Software/Apps:  Memrise, LingQ, Kindle

Website:  Talk To Me In Korean grammar lessons

Library:  North Adams Public Library and Boston Library e-card

Hangul:  Ultra-writer! blank pages for handwriting practice


But, but, but … I want MORE

This is already a long list, but my inner child is still arguing.  What about Glossika!  What about the Korean children’s songs and KPop songs I am studying?  What about the 1000 Korean Words list?  What about the Add1Challenge and Benny Lewis’ Fluent in 3 Months?  What about the English book I am reading on how to make small talk?  What about the flood of emails I get with language learning ideas & videos?  What about Youtube videos or audio of me practicing speaking?  What about Hanja?  What about my own wild list of fun things I want to “not learn” with?

Try life without all the distrations

For now, just for a little while, let’s try life without these.   Glossika is still really on the cusp … I don’t want to stop using the Glossika system as I hope that there are sentences that I could use in conversation.  When I get a good study habit in place and feel ready to take on more, I will add Glossika back in.

I RESOLVE to focus on my Pick One list

The “Pick One” list are my priorities. What “pick one” means is work with what is in front of you, and STOP LOOKING FOR NEW THINGS TO HOARD!  No more new input.  There is enough in front of you with tutor’s 647 word vocabulary list and KDA classwork.

I don’t know if I can do this.  I’m going to try.

My biggest fears?

  • without constant encouragement, I will not be motivated
  • I will be lonely. Studying alone, I will miss the energy I get from others
  • without play, I will avoid studying



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