Romantic meal at Table Six Restaurant in the Berkshires

My language exchange partner asked me to translate into Korean the menu for Table Six restaurant in the Kemble Inn.  It is beyond my current abilities.  I will take a stab at naming the ingredients.  That hardly gives justice to the beautiful language of the menu descriptions.  Please forgive my mistakes.  This is a learning exercise.

러녹스에 있는 테이블 식스 식당에서 나와 식사해주세요.

Join me for dinner at Table Six restaurant in Lenox.

절 먹겠습니다.   I will eat well.


Kemble Inn and Table Six Restaurant


Pan seared Crab Cake.  tomato fondue, garlic aioli, micro cilantro salad

크랩 케이크 crab cake

토마토 퐁뒤 tomato fondue

아이올리 소스(마요네즈와 마늘로 만든 걸쭉한 소스) garlic aioli

Aioli is a Provençal sauce made of garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, usually egg yolks, and seasonings.

실란트로 샐러드 cilantro salad


Grilled Pork Tenderloin

Grilled Pork Tenderloin.  Yukon gold puree, sauteed peas and onions, red wine veal demi-glace.

구운  돼지고기 Grilled Pork Tenderloin

으깬 감자 Yukon gold is a type of potato.  Puree is like a mashed or whipped potato.  (삶은 감자를 으깬 뒤 흔히 버터와 우유를 섞은 것)

완두콩과 양파 소오테 green peas and onions saute

붉은 포도주 데미 글라스 red wine demi-glace



Flourless Chocolate Cake

Flourless Chocolate Cake.  rich dark chocolate fudge cake, raspberry sauce, whipped cream

진갈색 초콜릿, 다크초콜릿 dark chocolate

케이크 cake

거품 크리임, 크림 whipped cream

라즈베리 소스  raspberry sauce

I have to say, dinner at Table Six as a “not learning” adventure was very pleasurable.  It is now my favorite restaurant in the Berkshires.  If you go, tell Sal that Julia sent you. 🙂

Table for two

french doorstable view
A table for two with a spectacular mountain view.Table for two
For the perfect romantic weekend getaway, reserve one of their luxurious rooms.

Room at Kemble Inn

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