5 Korean Conjugation Patterns

verbstemsverbstemspatterns1There are 5 conjugation patterns described in “Mastering Conversational Korean: Korean for Beginners.”

Pattern 1: S + ending

(stem and)
거나 (stem or)
지만 (stem but)
(let’s stem not with adjectives)

Pattern 2: S + ending, Sㄹ + ending

가다  =>  가 + 는  =>  가  something that goes
살다  =>  날 + 는  =>  사  something that lives

Pattern 3: Sv + ending, Sㄹ + ending, Sc + 으 + ending

if it goes, 여쁘 if it’s pretty
if it lives, 달 if it’s sweet
먹 + 으 + 면 => 먹으면  if it eats



Pattern 4: -으-, -느-, -스-

가 + ㄴ =>    something that went
살 + ㄴ =>    something that lived
먹 + 으 + ㄴ => 먹은   something that ate

Pattern 5: Sㅏor ㅗ

아요 it goes
어요 it is black
공부해요 it studies

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