Yankee Inn, Berkshires

Yankee Inn Lennox, MassachusettsYankee Inn


Tuesday, I had a pleasant stay at the Yankee Inn in Lenox, Massachusetts in South Berkshire county.  My love for the Berkshires is showing again 🙂  Don’t you want to come visit?

KTalk #15

방 있어요?  Are there rooms?

예약했어요.  I have a reservation.

인터넷 되는 방으로 할게요.  I want a room with an internet connection.

So Tuesday’s not learning, just having fun activity was studying at the Yankee Inn instead of sitting in the waiting room of the car repair shop all day.

“Lonely Planet Phrasebook and Dictionary” is my new best friend as I work towards making small talk.

37 Photos of the Berkshires that will make you want to come here.

I swear, the mist rising from the valley looks just like this!  Even as a local, I can’t help pulling my car over for photos in the fall.  Here is Williamstown I took with my phone last week.

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