7 Ways final consonant is pronounced

In Korean, there are 7 final consonant sounds

1.ᄉ,ᄊ,ᄃ,ᄄ,ᄐ,ᄌ,ᄍ,ᄎ,ᄒ (t)

2.ᄋ (ng)

3.ᄂ (n)

4. ᄆ (m)

5. ᄀ,ᄏ,ᄁ (k)

6. ᄇ,ᄑ,ᄈ (p)

7.ᄅ (l~r)

I contended that ㅆ some times sounds like a strong s in the final consonant 받침.  For example, 있었어요.  Tutor clarified for me that the reason why it sounds like an ‘s’ is because of the consonant moving to fill the spot of the silent ‘ng’ ㅇ.   Ah-ha!

Tutor made the excellent point that until I have the basics down, such as know with confidence what the final consonant sound will be, that I should not try to rush ahead more advanced skills like reading.

I am not sure tutor realized that this was the FIRST TIME I had someone hear and correct my pronunciation.  (Korean Digital Academy holds the distinction of being the first time I opened my mouth to speak, 4 months ago already!)

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