ChinEasy and Self-Confidence to talk

While trying to look up in the index the word for “to move” 동 動, I realized that to learn Hanja, I am going to have to tackle the same issues I had learning Korean.  Namely, that I don’t have a clue how to look up a word in the index and struggle with typing Chinese letters and can’t tell if it is the same letter if written in a different font.

I did, however, find Chineasy Quizlet flashcards.  I add to my list “make Hanja/Hangul set of flashcards”.  Someday.  No time soon, too busy!

One thing I noticed while I was browsing “ChinEasy” is the words related to the Chinese character for talk.  Talk + person = letter/trust.  Oneself + trust = self-confidence.

lettertrust talk

I seek self-confidence so I can trust myself to talk to people.


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