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I “unplugged” from computers for almost a decade.  I never got hooked on some software that seems popular like Tumblr or Instagram.  That means there are places on the internet I haven’t explored yet.  Some day, when I have nothing better to do, I want to wander through Tumblr and see what it has to offer.

For example, Let’s Korean seems to have a lot of great stuff from her learning Korean which started back in July, 2011.  The Hanja is really tempting …


I really was studying when this Tumblr blog appeared. I am trying to figure out Subject and Topic particles.

I could shift blame to my Korean mentor who popped in by FB Messenger while I was looking at the Korean method for categorizing parts of speech into 9 pumsa (9 품사).  He told me there were only 8 pumsa, which just confused me, sending me to search for clarification on pumsa.  He lumps numbers with nouns, which seems reasonable.

I am the one who is easily distracted.  It isn’t the person who sends a text message, or Google who gives me too many yummy choices to pick from.  I am the one to blame whenever I run off on another tangent.

My tutor can logically ask why in the world I am worrying about the names of Korean parts of speech when I don’t have the very basics for forming sentences and pronunciation down yet.  Excellent point.  I have no logical answer.  Just intense curiosity.  Haha.  I laugh at myself every day.


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