Calendars, scheduling meetings, emails

One of the side effects of learning a language is that now I have to keep track of meetings, check email, and keep a calendar.  I thought I had put all that behind me.  It disturbs my quiet, simple life.

Seriously, I would check my email once a week at most before starting this language learning.  Once a week, I might wander out to see if I got any mail.  I might make 3 phones calls a month.  I was living the hermit life unplugged from technology, in tune with nature, serene.

Reluctantly, this week I looked at Google’s calendar and their website building tool.  My inner child whines “but I don’t want to learn any more software! I don’t want something else blurping at me!  This seems way too much like work.”

Google CalendarWith trepidation I said yes to letting Google Calendar sync with my mobile device.

I wasted an hour looking into Google’s website templates.  I was excited when I saw they had both a project wiki and language learning template, but both underwhelmed me.  I remain without a vocabulary/dictionary/wiki solution I am satisfied with.  In the meantime, I hand-coded some pages for reference on this blog.

Language learning does seem like a job at times.  Project management, scheduling, efficiency tracking, status report, data entry, emails, conference calls, etc.

Between my real life demands and language learning classes, I do need to write down my appointments to keep it all straight.  Old school, I am happier with a few appointment cards on my refrigerator and a small notebook where I keep track of how I am spending each half hour.  That I have planned out tutoring and class sessions for the next 2 months on my calendar feels very foreign to how my life has been since retirement.  It feels stressful, hectic, overwhelming at times.  I am already thinking how Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve will impact my class/tutoring.

For someone who lost track of the day, the date, sometimes even if it was night or day during the dark winter months, this is a rather undesirable side effect of needing to become more efficient for learning Korean.  As a hobby, it certainly asks a lot of me.  I don’t like being pinned to a set schedule.

tutorsessionOn the plus side, the italki method of scheduling meetings works well.

It is better than the chaos of having my language exchange partner James contacting me at all hours of the day or night, whenever he is in the mood for a free instant tutor session.

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