I want pancakes

A pronoun, an action verb, an adjective, and a noun go out for pancakes in Grammaropolis. It sounds like the start of a joke.  Haha. pancakes How would I say
We want sweet pancakes“?
우리 달콤한 팬케이크 갖고 싶어요.

Color Key:  명사  대명사  동사 형용사  주사

I take to be sweet 달콤하다 and make it adjective form [달콤한].  I remember the Talk To Me in Korean lesson I watched on how to say “I want” and practice using ~고 싶어요.

Did I get it right?  I’ll have to ask my Korean friends next time we chat.

(As an aside, Naver never ceases to amaze me as a discover new sections. Is this a grammar dictionary with example sentences?  To explore some other day.)

naver grammar dic

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