Cookie Monster, not learning

The point of this game is to focus on the sounds that Korean syllables make.  Phoneme Deletion is the ability to identify how a word would sound if one sound were omitted. This is a very important step in the development of literacy, as well as general language development.


– Cookie monster puppet (or make your own out of paper bag, sock)  Ideal puppet can open mouth to put in cookies

– round objects that serve as cookies.  Poker chips work, or round pieces of construction paper.

Feed the Cookie Monster:

The object is to make words and feed the “sounds” to the puppet one at a time, then identify what the remaining word would sound like.

For example, have three cookies 고 양 이 .  Cookie monster says “I’m hungry.  I want to eat 고.  Give me 고 please.”  Teachers would describe this as a chance to exercise and reinforce phoneme isolation skills.

Match cookies:

For a variation on the game, practice vocabulary with Cookie monster.  Use cookies written with the Korean word, and have Cookie monster say “I’m hungry.  I want cake” and you have to find the cookie with 케이크.  Or vis versa, have Cookie monster say ‘케이크’ and you have to find the ‘cake’.

Expanding on the language use, Cookie monster could ask in Korean “I want to eat something orange” and you find the carrot 당근.  “What comes from a cow?” and you find milk 우유.  You get the idea.

Sure, puppets are silly.  That is sort of the point.  It feels like play.  As you become better at it, you and your partner can try to stump one another.  Laughter will only make you want to spend more time with the sounds and vocabulary practice.  It’s not learning, it is just having fun.





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