Flashcard Problems

Memrise flashcards are only as good as the person who made them. I struggle with making Memrise ones that I can answer correctly. How to provide enough information in the English so that I can properly answer?

I’ve made decks with Glossika and Korean Digital Academy sentences.  I then later struggle to remember … on this one, does it have the 나는 or did I omit it?  Which level of politeness?  What gender am I suppose to answer as?  Am I answering as someone younger or older?  Do I need the particles, or are they omitted in this response?

In the Glossika sentences, I trip up when they are replies to a question.  The English response might be “yes, I am” but it wants “yes, I am hungry” in Korean.  Or something else if “yes, I am” is answering another question.  Argh.

Flashcards trip me up all the time.  Don’t even get me started when Memrise gets into making me type the whole sentence, and I forget a period at the end or have an extra space.

I can get around that by entering a lot of extra correct responses, including where the word order can be a bit flexible.  However, it all adds to making the process of creating flashcards onerous.

I tried putting the last Korean syllable on to the English sentence, as my hint to myself what sentence ending I am looking for  (야 for example on some Glossika sentences).  This caused me trouble when I given the Korean and need to type in English (did I or didn’t I have the 야 when I wrote the English?)

All this ends up with me getting far more wrong responses and having to work the cards even longer.  I kind of hate flashcards.  It is this endless test cycle with test questions that are poorly designed … BY ME!  Self torture.  Haha.  I laugh at myself every day.

I have an older brother Answer
I don’t know if I should answers as a female or a male.  Here, I imported the text file from Rob’s worksheet and missed editing out one of his two options.

I have two older brothersAnswer I have two older brothers

Here, I answered with 나는 but on this flashcard it is omitted.  I need to provide an alternate text saying my answer is correct.

The other issue is when I am asked to type in the entire sentence, and I discover halfway through that I am in the wrong keyboard mode (English instead of Korean), have to delete what I typed, then quick quick try to retype the answer before the timer runs out.  My speed at typing in not so good, so typing entire sentences is what I hate the most, especially considering the other uncertainties of what the right answer might be.

All in all, one word flashcards are a lot easier to handle than my full sentence flashcards.

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