How to conjugate into the basic past tense using the -요/-ㅂ니다 form

Past tense verbs

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I’ve had this document written a really long time ago but I had completely forgotten about it…but here it is ^^.

A. The basic past tense in –요 form is formed by adding -었어요/았어요/했어요 to the verb stem.

The rules for the past are the same as those for conjugating into the present tense:

  1. Remove the –다 from the verb.
  2. If the last vowel is a an ㅗorㅏ you’ll add –았어요.
  3. For the rest of the vowels –었어요is used.

Ex. 가다→갔어요.

Ex. 좁다→좁았어요.

Ex. 크다→컸어요

Ex. 먹다→먹었어요

B. The basic past tense in-ㅂ/습니다 form is formed simply by only adding –습니다 to the -었/았/했. Everything else is the same as the –요 form.

Ex. 가다→갔습니다

Ex. 죽다→ 죽었습니다

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