Verbix – A Verb Conjugator – Hada conjugation



A reader, suggested I check out the website Verbix.  It has a verb conjugator.  For example, the verb Hada 하다 is conjugated below.

It demonstrates how I am having trouble wrapping my head around what the right terms are for the different kinds of verb conjugation.  How do these terms map to what Korean Digital Academy and Tutor call the different forms of verb conjugation.  How does it map with Talk To Me In Korean’s “Korean Verbs Guide”?

Seriously, it has been two months now I have been trying to wrap my brain around just the hada verb.  

Korean verb ‘하다’ Conjugated

regular verb

Form Conjugation
base 00
base2  my #
declarative present informal low 01
declarative present informal high 해요 02
declarative present formal low 한다 03
declarative present formal high 합니다 04
past base 05
declarative past informal low 했어 06
declarative past informal high 했어요 07
declarative past formal low 했다 08
declarative past formal high 했습니다 09
future base 10
declarative future informal low 할 거야 11
declarative future informal high 할 거예요 12
declarative future formal low 할 거다 13
declarative future formal high 할 겁니다 14
declarative future conditional informal low 하겠어 15
declarative future conditional informal high 하겠어요 16
declarative future conditional formal low 하겠다 17
declarative future conditional formal high 하겠습니다 18
inquisitive present informal low 해? 19
inquisitive present informal high 해요? 20
inquisitive present formal low 하니? 21
inquisitive present formal high 합니까? 22
inquisitive past informal low 했어? 23
inquisitive past informal high 했어요? 24
inquisitive past formal low 했니? 25
inquisitive past formal high 했습니까? 26
imperative present informal low 27
imperative present informal high 하세요 28
imperative present formal low 해라 29
imperative present formal high 하십시오 30
propositive present informal low 31
propositive present informal high 해요 32
propositive present formal low 하자 33
propositive present formal high 합시다 34
connective if 하면 35
connective and 하고 36
nominal ing 37

To map what the verb conjugations are called to what I am familiar with in Korean Digital Academy class, I gave each a number and put them on the chart below.  I also made myself a set of hand written flashcards for each of the 37 forms of the verb hada.  I noted the pattern of each form of hada.Hada

Hada flashcardshada flashcards

Korean Dialects


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