Key to Korean Fluency

There is a pattern to verb conjugation, and it is quite simple to understand an apply.  The better you can understand it, the quicker you can apply and practice it, and the quicker you can start to do it automatically.

That is exactly what the “Key to Korean Fluency” series is all about.  Take one minute and let teacher Rob Julien tell you.

To help you make sense of this key skill and then practice it until you can do it without thinking about it too much, because ultimately that is what is going to take you from beginner to being conversational and shaving months off of the time it takes you to do it.

I have been eagerly awaiting this video series from Korean Digital Academy.  If you are a beginner learning Korean who has Hangul under your belt and learned some vocabulary and memorized a few phrases, but can’t seem to get past the bottleneck of not knowing how to conjugate verbs, then this series should help you.

As a self-learner, verbs have been incomprehensible to me.  I know once I have the skill of generating verbs, I will have the freedom to express myself.  When I can practice it enough to do it automatically, then conversations will be possible.  So this video series is the key to getting me to my goal of making small talk with native Koreans.  Perhaps it can help you too.  Check it out.


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