Naver Open English contest

Naver is cruel. Entice me with an English ad that leads me to an ALL KOREAN page. Pfft! I refuse to be distracted to translate this page. I am all about VERBS VERBS VERBS!

KDA class in just 9 hours, and I know I have devoted a ton of time this week to try to get verbs straight in my head, but I am not there yet.

Identifying the problem is a start.  Thinking about why I am struggling with verbs, I came to these conclusions.

I can’t remember the verbs –  (stage fright) – action item: review verbs  – DONE

I am confused about the names for tenses – action item: consolidate all different names for different tenses.  – DONE

I might be confusing tense and politeness/honorifics – action item: ask for clarification in class

I don’t know the changed form for verbs – action item:  look them up & memorize

I do not know the patterns to conjugate – action item:  figure it out and practice.  I did review all of the patterns for one verb (hada).  Now I have to compare to other verbs, see if the pattern holds for all.

I need more time for serious study – action item:  clear my schedule of non-essentials (even if chatting with Korean friends is a learning experience)  This is a process, but I have said no and cut short conversations all week.  (sniff)

I find facing the verbs and videos which just confuse me difficult.  action item – turn it into a fun activity by making the leaf game.

I am not getting everything I want from the KDA videos and materials.  action item – create your own vocabulary list for each lesson.  make verb tables in the blog for reference.  seek other videos to give you insight into verbs.  Perhaps you just need it explained differently.  ask any one who will give you the time until you break through the mental block about verbs.  status? work in progress.


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