A Step You Can’t Take Back Again – Language Exchange

Today’s session with my language exchange partner included vocabulary practice with the Naver Phrasebook and reading lyrics to “A Step You Can’t Take Back Again”.

We discussed what the lyrics might be saying. Having never seen the movie myself, I could only guess. Made me realize, as I so often do with my language exchange partner, how difficult English is to decipher.





These lyrics are a bit inexact.  English has the punches being taken on the chin and breaking the camel’s back.

Language exchange partner gets points for trying to engage me in conversation by asking simple questions like what time it is.  I occasionally throw out a phrase or two.  I still speak primarily English to him, as I have done for 8 months now.  I really suck at generating Korean on the fly.  But slow though it may be, I know I am making progress towards making small talk.

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