At my request, I am starting my tutor sessions focused on pronunciation.  Others might say to just listen and practice speaking, and eventually it will sink it.  That might be true, but I am in silence most of the time.  I do not speak nor listen often enough.  Plus, I started with Romanization and my own guesses at how to pronounce things.  I am THRILLED to have someone actually listening and correcting me.

I won’t bore you with all the details.  Suffice it to say that this week, I am going to be focused on reviewing the basics of pronunciation.

  • Korean Digital Academy’s class 1 & 2 with the letter combination charts
  • Survival Korean audio CD 1 covering the sounds of Hangul
  • Busy Atom’s pronunciation videos
  • Review of Pronunciation rules
  • Listening to audio tutor provided of the Korean folk tale
  • Continuing to listen to Secret Garden episode 1 for the sound of Korean
  • Plus probably surf the web for other resources like Talk To Me In Korean
  • Maybe even get up the courage to try a little practice on my long suffering Korean mentor/friends  (nah … that’s crazy talk.  get better at it then surprise them.)

How have you learned to pronounce Korean?  Do you have any suggestions of resources I could use?

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