How looking up one term distracts me whole day

This is a tale of how my day spun off into a wild goose chase. Cautionary tale. Don’t let this happen to you! In fact, don’t even read my post … isn’t there somewhere you are meant to be studying right now? Haha.

The path to getting distracted:

  1. See a word I do not know
  2. Try to look it up in zKorean – fail to find
  3. Try to look it up in Naver dictionary – get directed to a page written primarily in Korean
  4. Not know a word on this page so look up that word
  5. Want to make a flashcard to remember new word
  6. Search for an image
  7. Grab an image, but click on the page the image comes from, because it might have related material
  8. Find new material, decide to write it down in my blog/journal.
  9. Start following other links for this newly discovered page
  10. End up on a broader subject than initial inquiry
  11. Start bookmarking pages and putting links into my blog post
  12. Discover something I never knew about, or something I have been meaning to research
  13. Wander very far off the path of the original inquiry
  14. Finally get back to where I started hours later

This ever happen to you? Nah.  My readers are sensible people.  They wouldn’t lose themselves in learning new things from dark corners of the internet.  Most of my blog posts are just documenting what I find on my paths of distraction.  Sorry dear blog reader!


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