Language Exchange videos

Why thank you, Youtube, for recommending a whole collection of language exchange videos.  As if I didn’t already have enough ways to fritter away my time!


I admit I indulged in watching Michal Grzeskowiak’s “How to make best use of a language exchange” before I wrestled myself away to go back to studying.

  1. Find a friendly and supportive person
  2. Keep your sessions short but intensive
  3. Choose a specific subject of interest to you and speak as much as you can
  4. Record your sessions and absorb all the feedback

Thanks Michal.  I had never considered recording the sessions, and I haven’t always reviewed and absorbed what happens in between the sessions.  Good advice.

My once a week sessions with the tutor are what I do now, but by January 1st, I want to be able to begin making small talk with native Koreans.

One 20 minute intensive, focused session of speaking Korean once a week with review in between will probably give me much more progress than hours of Koakotalk text chats.  Sounds scary, actually.  I don’t know if I could drag any Korean out of me.  But the work I am doing now focused on making small talk is laying the groundwork.  I start with one minute Youtube videos with a prepared script, with the goal of working up to 15 minute conversations.


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