Future tense

Future tense

V(stem)+ ㄹ/을 것이다 (거예요)


가다-> 갈 것이다

갈 거예요 (future tense, will go)

저는 내일 학교에 갈 거예요: I’ll go to school tomorrow

만들다(to make) -> 만들 것이다(만들 거예요)(will make)

만들(stem) + 을 거예요. since ㄹ/을 sound is already in the stem, you add 거예요

만들 거예요


AstroHal will meet his friend next week in Korea.
AstroHal 다음 한국에서 친구 만날 거예요


AstroHal 친구 만날 거예요: AstroHal will meet the friend.

다음 AstroHal 친구 만날 거예요: next week, AstroHal will meet the friend

다음 AstroHal 한국에서 친구 만날 거예요: next week, in Korea, AstroHal will meet his friend.

(Time)  + Subject + (place) + Object + Verb

만나다: to meet

Color Key:  명사  동사 부사 주사


Searching for something to make me remember the conjugation pattern for future tense, I came upon AstroHal.  It made me laugh.  Hopefully, that means it will stick in my brain.


Your reward for learning past and future tense, watch AstroHal defeat the Alien


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