Importing Text file to Excel then Memrise finally Flashcards

Here is just a quick example of importing a text file to Excel.  In this case, I was importing the vocabulary for “The Giving Tree”.

With Excel, open a text file

1. Select a text file to open from Excel. Import wizard will appear.

Import wizard will ask about how to import text

2. Specify the kind of delimiters (example, commas separate the words)

"text" or "general" format

3. Set the data format to “text” (otherwise Excel tries to convert number to number format)

Word list imported

4. Imported file will look like this. Check carefully, as importing is not perfect.

I will often import data to Excel for manipulating.  This is helpful if the data format I have does not list the Korean word as the first column.  “Bulk Add” under advanced options is much faster than creating the flashcards one at a time.


Memrise_add_memMemrise_add_mem2flashcard sitMemrise_GivingTree

Now I have a flashcard I can study with and share with my friends on Mindpasta and my blog.Flashcards on Hanguk Babble Homepage fgallery2

Flashcards on Hanguk Babble


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