Save on your Winter stay in NYC at Hotel Stanford

Hotel Stanford is trying to seduce me to travel to New York City this winter.  It is my favorite hotel in NYC, right in Koreatown.  The offer is for 15% off 2 night stay.

Hote lStanford Deluxe King

Hotel prices in NYC are expensive.  I’ve had some bad experiences in making reservations, then arriving at the hotel in NYC and being very disappointed.  I am very cautious about where I stay, but Hotel Stanford exceeds expectations in every way and I would happily stay there again.

Conveniently located a few blocks from the train station near Times Square, the hotel doesn’t make much of an impression from the street.  However, once you step inside, the service is top notch and the rooms luxurious.  Small touches made an impression, like offering an umbrella when the weather turned rainy, storing my bags when I arrived unexpectedly early, and complementary coffee in the piano bar.

Whether you choose the Queen (200 sq ft) or the more spacious Deluxe King (370 sq ft) or even the Executive suite (465 sq feet), you will have a quiet and comfortable stay.  To give comparison, my entire house is 800 sq ft, so such large rooms in the densely populated city are a pleasant surprise.

It would be lovely to finish off my 3 month push to learn enough Korean to make small talk by a trip to Koreatown.  However, my budget doesn’t agree.  Haha.


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