10 Reasons You Fail Language

Thanks Benny Lewis for recommending 10 reasons your language project is failing and things you can do about it.   I’m trying out Stayfocusd.  I am also thinking hard about the question “Why are you learning Korean?”

10 Reasons Your Language Project Is Failing And What You Can Do About It

I am thinking about poor study habits.  Does it matter?  Am I not doing this language learning as a hobby for myself, so why can’t I spend time following whatever interests me at the moment?

Maybe taking a class was a good idea to get me over my fear of speaking, but if the pace is too fast for me, why stress out trying?  If I have to cut out all the Koreans I have met to make more time to study, then I am cutting off the motivation to want to learn.  If not being able to keep up is leaving me feeling bad about studying Korean, then the class is no longer helping me.

Yes, lack of confidence is a big problem for me.


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