Pronunciation rules

I have made several posts about pronunciation before.  I continue to work on it.

The pronunciation rules

  1. Resyllabification
  2. Syllable-final closure (unrelease)
  3. Nasal assimilation
  4. ㄴ to ㄹ assimilation
  5. Tensification
  6. Aspiration and the /ㅎ/ weakening
  7. Double consonant reduction
  8. Palatalization
  9. Place assimilation

Which pronunciation rules come into play for these words?

Word 1 2 3 4 5 6
소년은 x
놓고  x
밑동만  x
행복하였지요  x  x
찾아왔지요 x  x
말하였어요 x  x
행복하였답니다 x  x  x

Korean Consonants

소년은 [소녀는] boy – Rule 1 – Resyllabification

잎 [입] leaf – Rule 2 – Syllable Final Release

행복하였답니다 [행보카여땁니다]  was happy – Rule 3 – Nasal assimilation

팔 년 [팔련] – Rule 4 – ㄴ to ㄹ assimilation

물약 [물략] liquid medicine – Rule 4

밑동만 [미똥만] stump, bottom of tree – Rule 5 – Tensification

찾아왔지요 [차자와찌요] did visit

행복하였지요 [행보카여찌요] was happy – Rule 6 – Aspiration and the /ㅎ/ weakening

놓고 [노코] put, place

말하였어요 [마라여써요] did tell, speak

없다 [업따] to not exist – Rule 7 – Double consonant reduction

닫혀요 [다처요] close – Rule 8 Palatalization

꽃병 [꼳뼝/꼽뼝] flower vase – Rule 9 – Place assimilation

한미 [함미] Korean and USA

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