Spot it, not learning

Spot it is a matching card game.  It inspired me to make a flashcard game for Korean.  All you need is to create a set of cards where each pair will only have one match.  55 cards with 57 vocabulary words.  spot_it_koreanWays to match:

– Korean word to Korean word

– Korean word to picture

– Korean word to English word

– Korean word to counting unit

– Korean word to number

– use your imagination!

spot it card game

There is always one, and only one, matching symbol between any two cards. Spot it to win! Players search for matches between a word and its corresponding picture, between two pictures, or between two words. While the repetition solidifies word recognition, the pictures support reading comprehension.

You can even play Spot it on your phone, and just call out the Korean word when you find a match.

See this online demo to see how the game works.

spot_it demospot_it_online

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