Reading aloud “The Giving Tree”

TheGivingTreeA painfully bad reading of The Giving Tree.  Don’t listen, it will make your ears bleed.  haha

I have progressed far enough with the story in LingQ to eliminate all the blue unknown words.  Tutor helped by providing these words:  밑동: bottom part of the tree 찾아왔지요: came 최고야: it’s best 낮잠도: also napping 실버시타인: Silverstein (name of the author) 술래잡기: hide and seek


I would have thought looking up every word in the story would have led me to be able to understand the story, but I am far from that.  I get the gist it is about a boy, a tree, and maybe that the boy grew into an old man and made a cane out of the tree.

For comparison, here is me reading the Glossika Mass Sentences in August and November.  To my ears, I haven’t improved.  Then again, I speak so little, what do I expect?  The only speaking practice I have had is 1 hour a week in Korean Digital Academy class.  I remain incredibly timid to open my mouth and speak Korean.  With good reason, since I struggle even to say “아낌없이 주는 나무”.

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