Sorting verbs

Figuring out how to conjugate verbs is a bit like a coin sorter.

coin_sorter1.  VOWEL.  What is it’s final vowel?  If it is an ‘ㅏ’ or  ‘ㅗ’ the clock theory says it goes in the slot to get 아 added when conjugating.  Otherwise, it goes down the other slot of verb types that get 어 added.

2.  SUB-TYPE.  Next, decide which of the three subtypes:

  • verbs that end in a vowel
  • verbs that end in a consonant
  • verbs that end in ~ㄹ

3. CHANGED FORM.  Next, decide if the tense you want needs the changed or unchanged form.

4.  POLITENESS LEVEL.  Next, decide on the politeness level depending on your audience.

I believe honorifics come in next depending on who you are speaking about, but we haven’t gotten that far in Korean Digital Academy yet.

As a computer programmer, I would describe this as a decision tree.




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One Response to Sorting verbs

  1. Cimi says:

    Your computer programmer skills come in handy here. I like the visual you’ve created for verb conjugation and the comparison to a coin sorter. Makes sense.

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