Language Mooch

mooch = bedbug


verb  (informal 비격식)

  1. ask for or obtain (something) without paying for it.
    ~ (sth) (off sb) (美) 빌붙다, 빈대 붙다
    “He’s always mooching off his friends.”
    그는 늘 친구들에게 빈대를 붙는다.
  1. a beggar or scrounger.
    “I don’t want to be a mooch.”
    거지처럼 구걸하고 다니긴 싫어.

I heard the term “language mooch” for the first time yesterday.  I have both been the object of desire by people wanting to practice their English and the recipient of free language lessons from the Koreans I have found on places like Interpals and HelloTalk.  If I understand correctly, the Korean term for mooch is that little bloodsucking insect the bedbug.

I will probably never be able to fully repay the kindness of Koreans who have helped me, but I do sincerely try not to be too much of a burden, always thank them, and return friendship.  I also now recognize when someone is simply using me for free English lessons.  I do admire anyone earnestly trying to learn.


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