Sunrise with Memrise

Recently, with the nights too long, I have been waking before sunrise to do Memrise flashcards.  Since I am so far behind, I abandoned my tactic of taking full sentences from the KDA reading to make Memrise decks, and instead relied on the simple vocabulary lists made by “Membrain” KoreanHistoryLover.   Thank you so very much!  Even with me having familiarity with the vocabulary, it took me more than 2 hours to make it through the list once.  The next day when I open the deck and it said 150 words to be watered, I was the one who wilted, but I stuck it out and worked the list.

I am far enough into the learning to worry that I am forgetting what I learned before. Some of my activities are geared towards just giving myself a chance to review material I should already know.  For example, I watched 20 of the FTIsland lessons for a review of some phrases that I should be able to use for small talk.  Numbers, time, and dates should be material I know well, but without refreshing, I find bits are no longer easily recalled.

I was so busy  getting caught up, I stopped the daily Facebook posts I had been doing for small talk.  By trying to be more productive, I have made myself more isolated.  I am further from my goal of being able to speak.  Instead of a series of videos where I grew confidence and spoke more, I am losing ground.  I work on pronunciation, but I have nothing I want to say, and no one to speak with.

A sensible person would study 6 days a week, take one day a week off, not get to the point where they are completely burnt out and can’t study for days.  I have not been sensible.  I have been fantasizing about taking a week off with no Korean at all, a rest for my brain.



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