Berkshire Battalion Pro Hockey

Berkshire Battalion hockey


Berkshire Battalion hockey team plays in the Federal Hockey League at a skating rink in North Adams, Massachusetts.

You can read about it in the Berkshire Eagle. Better yet, come to a game. Game time on Saturday is @ 7:35 PM and Sunday the puck drops at 4:35 PM.

ice hockey 아이스하키
to go skating 스케이트 타러 가다
ice skating 빙상 스케이트
ice hockey rink 아이스하키장
hockey stick 하키 채
arena 경기장
hockey team 하키팀
to play hockey 하키를 하다
hockey puck 하키용 퍽
referee 심판

Ice hockey is a fast and rough sport.
아이스하키는 빠르고 격한 스포츠다.

Battalion is a large, organized group of people pursuing a common goal.  In this situation, naming the team “Berkshire Battalion” implies a unified fighting spirit for the hockey team.


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