Sun, Moon, Planets, Calendar

Brennand Kennedy and Eric Lionberger had a fascinating discussion over on KDA ROKstars.  It started from noticing that the Korean names for planets coincided with the names of the days of the week.

Sunday 일요일 (日 – sun) Day of sun
Monday 월요일 (月 – moon) Day of moon
Tuesday 화요일 (火 – fire) 화성 Mars
Wednesday 수요일 (水 – water) 수성 Mercury
Thursday 목요일 (木 – wood) 목성 Jupiter
Friday 금요일 (金 – gold) 금성 Venus
Saturday 토요일 (土 – earth) 토성 Saturn

From Eric “The planets and days of the week are both coming from the same meaning … 화요일 – day of fire .. 화성 .. fire planet .. etc. When I started learning Hanja .. that was my first lesson, that the days of the week coincided with the days of the planets. …  Now for the planets . .they all have 성 (星) in their name, which means star .. so, to start with Mercury, we have 수성 (水星) which is water star, 수요일, water day, Wednesday. Venus is 금성 (金星) – iron star, 금요일, iron day.”

Korea didn’t start using the Gregorian Calendar until 1896.

The winter solstice, Sunday December 20th, is the most important calendar day for me, because it is a celebration of the end of days shortening, and the return of the sun. Looking forward, here is the Gregorian-Lunar calendar for next year.

2015 gregorian lunar

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