Love Days in Korea

I would happily share a hug on December 14th. Hug Day. What a cool idea.

The Korean Way

So yesterday we focused on Black Day and I mentioned that the 14th day of each month is a special love holiday in Korea.

Each month has a designated way for you to show those you love that they’re special to you. Having a love day each month might sound cumbersome or like it’s commercializing love. But honestly, most of them are simple and some don’t involve buying at all. Besides, there’s no such thing as overexpressing your love for someone, right? Here’s the list.

January 14–Diary Day (calendars/daily planners are exchanged and special days are written in)
February 14–Valentine’s Day (girls give guys gifts)
March 14–White Day (guys give girls gifts, see March 14 post)
April 14–Black Day (see yesterday’s post)
May 14–Rose Day (couples exchange roses)
June 14–Kiss Day (kiss everyone you meet on this day)
July 14–Silver Day (exchange gifts of silver)
August 14–Green Day (take in…

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