Gazangius pins

Gazangius pin is a term from the book Your Money or Your Life by Viki Robin and Joe Domingues.  Gazangius pin is any item you can’t resist buying.  In this holiday gift buying season, it is tempting for language learners to fall into the trap of purchasing the many language tools that are on sale.

I find myself tempted.  Benny Lewis offers his premium membership, Mike has a sale on Glossika, Living Languages has a year access to their online tools.  It doesn’t stop with just books and software, but also extends to justifying purchases like a Kindle paperwhite, a tablet, an IPad, a new laptop, a phone, a headset, or some other electronic gadget.

While I resist my own urges to indulge in language learning purchases, I remind myself that the thing people complain about the most is how much they ended up spending on books, audio tapes, and electronic gadgets, when ultimately it was simply finding a system that worked for them and doing it every day that was the key to learning.

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