Write in your new language

“Self directed writing is the ultimate personalized language class” –  Fluent Forever

I began learning Korean by getting a Korean pen pal.  Trying to find ways to express myself in writing remains a strong motivator for me.  I like to tell my personal stories to my pen pals.

“Fluent Forever” author presented the idea that once you get your sentences corrected by native speakers, you should turn them into flashcards so that you learn from the correction.


I was chatting with BS Shen, and I wrote:

저녁 macaroni and cheese을 먹어요.

He corrected me with

나는 mac. 하고 치즈로 저녁 먹고 있습니다.

This is a sentence rich with content and interesting to me because it is about my dinner.  (haha)  In one sentence, it crams 하고 (and)  particle 로 (to) ~고 있다, word order, and formal/polite verb conjugation.  In theory I know this stuff, but clearly I am not applying them when I try to make conversation.

I will chat about my dinner again, and if I make this a flashcard to learn these grammar principles, then I will be more prepared the next time.

When I was trying to be “more productive” and cut back on Mindpasta, Kaokotalk, and emails with Koreans where I try to write sentences, I lost out on learning opportunities.  More importantly, connecting with people by writing is a motivator for me.

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