You can register for the TOPIK test to be held in January, 2015 from 8th December (Monday).  38th TOPIK will be held on 18th January, 2015 in Korea ONLY.


In most countries, the Korean Embassies administer the TOPIK tests. You have to visit the embassy with 2 passport size photographs and a registration fee.

What is TOPIK?

TOPIK, Test of Proficiency in Korean, is a written test designed to measure the ability of non-native speakers for expression and comprehension in the Korean language.

Who should I contact if I have any query? 

( 02-3668-1331 or e-mail: or you can ask TOPIK GUIDE ( For more information on the TOPIK test you can visit the official site

I’ve read that the newly designed TOPIK test for beginners (Level 1 & 2) is easy. While I don’t like taking tests, I have considered taking the TOPIK as a goal might be a way to focus my studies.  Sitting for 70 questions, over 100 minutes, with listening and reading sounds challenging in ENGLISH, let alone in a second language.

[TOPIK Beginner level Language Skills]

1st Grade Use of basic commands of Korean for survival, such as greeting, purchasing, ordering, etc. Expressing and understanding oneself in simple everyday conversation by making simple sentences from 800 basic words.

2nd Grade Discussion of familiar topics employing a vocabulary of about 1,500∼2,000 words. Distinguishing correctly between formal and informal situations.

A quick review shows that I am FAR from having the skills to take Beginner Level TOPIK. If I have gone from 60 words to 250 words in 9 months, how long before I learn 800 words, let alone 2000 words?

I looked at the sample test.  I couldn’t answer a single question.

I bought the TopikGuide self study package, but I haven’t delved into it yet, as it is pretty advanced stuff for me.  I don’t have a plan for how I could attain the level of proficiency in Korean to attempt even the lowest level of TOPIK.

I might have to set aside this idea until I have completed the 1000 Most Frequent Korean words list, perhaps even until I finish the 2000 Essential Korean Words book.





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