Monthly Habit

New Years (1월 1일, 새해 첫날) is coming.  Perhaps this year you can resolve to learn a new habit each month.

The FLY Lady taught me this.  By working on just one habit each month, I slowly acquired positive behavior changes that made my house cleaner.  To face all the changes at once is overwhelming.  To tackle just one simple one at a time is manageable.  January’s habit is simply to “shine your sink” once a day.

What habits do you need to succeed at learning a language?

Here are some suggestions.

January – Do flashcards once a day
February – Learn to type Hangul
March – Listen to audio daily
April – Write a Korean sentence daily
May – Join a discussion group
June – Record yourself speaking Korean
July – Follow a Facebook page/blog/twitter
August – Chat with a Korean
September – Read Korean news
October – Transcribe Korean from audio
November – Learn a grammar rule
December – Indulge in your favorite Korean activity

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