Talk about the weather again

So how are my efforts at small talk going?

Today I engaged in small talk with a Korean thru Kaokotalk.  We mostly talked about the weather, with me taking long breaks to look up words in the dictionary.  These are some things I learned.



여기는 날씨는 맑아요 그러나 춥워요.  Here the weather is sunny but cold.fbelowzero

We chatted for an hour, but with my slow speed at translating what he said and trying to make sentences, and getting my sentences corrected, we don’t end up saying much.  I feel guilty that we never get to things like “how are you, what’s new in your life, how is the family” because I am all wiped out with just trying to say a few things about the weather.

I discuss the heavy rain.  I learn 도로홍수 is the correct way to express streets flood.  I ask about the temperature (기온이 몇 도 입니까?)  I tell him it’s 2°C  섭씨 2C입니다.  He responds with 영하3도 (-3C and I am off to the dictionary again to learn about below zero.

I feel immense pride when I finally make one sentence that doesn’t need correction.  검은 얼음이 위험합니다.  Black ice is dangerous.  Yeah!  Julia makes a sentence.  예 훌륭합니다 Yes, it is wonderful, my friend replies.


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