Tell yourself you make your own choices

How do you think of yourself as a language learner?

Do you see yourself as someone in control who makes their own decisions, or someone who is told what to do?

I’ve been thinking this week about how we define ourselves has a large impact on our actions.

Consider these two statements:

  • “I can’t miss Korean class.”
  • “I don’t miss Korean class.”

This article explains why I don’t works better than I can’t.  By framing yourself as someone who attends class by choice, you feel empowered.

Every time you say “I can’t remember vocabulary” or “I can’t understand grammar” you are creating a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Instead, perhaps if you think of yourself as someone who does learn vocabulary and grammar, then every time you do learn vocabulary and grammar, you are reinforcing your power and creating the kind of person who is a successful learner.

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