Ear for language

How would your studying change if you had to switch to just using your ears?

What benefits might you get from listening twice as much as you read?  Could you improve pronunciation?  Get information from podcasts?  Improve your ability to understand native speakers?  Practice transcribing what you hear on audio?  Reinforce vocabulary by listening to audio that comes with your textbook?

What portion of your studying is listening?  Is auditory your dominant learning style?

Do you make recordings of yourself speaking and listen to them?  Can you hear how your speech differs from a native speaker?


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3 Responses to Ear for language

  1. Korean Vitamin says:

    If you know that it’s your strength, than it will work. K-pop idols who learn Japanese usually just learn Japanese by socializing because they’re charming people and good with their ears (they’re musicians so it’s natural for them). But It could be limiting if your strength is learning through reading.

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    • jreidy17 says:

      I am having trouble with my eyes. I got new glasses. Now, I am really struggling to focus and have severe headaches. My eyes start having spasms. I am forced to bed, closed eyes, in pain. It might be the glasses, or it might be some other health issue that is impacting my eyes, but for now I am considering the thought I might not be able to use reading/watching as my method of learning for a while. I suppose I have to consider going to the Doctors about my problem. 😦


  2. Korean Vitamin says:

    Sounds unpleasant. Please take care of your health. Get well soon!

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